We are building the OTTO

The OTTO is a digital hardware groovebox, with synths, samplers, effects and a sequencer with an audio looper. The interface is flat, modular and easy to use, but most of all, it aims to encourage experimentation. The workflow is intended to be minimalistic with a minimum of menu-diving and everything at most a couple of intuitive button presses away.

We’re currently working on a beta version, which will be released in a limited run in spring 2021. To be first in line to be a beta tester, support us on Patreon

The OTTO is open source (except for commercial use), and we value our community highly! We would like to invite our users to be a part of the design process along the way. The list of features below is a general outline of the development plans. As a user you will have the opportunity to be involved in everything from smal details to larger feature design. We will release experimental firmware while developing features, to make sure everyone has a chance to evaluate and give feedback.

Questions, comments and feature discussions currently take place on discord – and the best place to follow our progress is on instagram.

The latest beta hardware – © Jeppezen / Simon Jeppesen

Planned Features

  •  A synth for live performance with midi effects (arpeggiator, etc.)
  •  2 FX slots. Synths and drums send to them as an FX-bus
  •  Synths and effects are swappable “engines”
  •  An audio line input which can be routed live through FX – used to sample etc
  •  For drums, a 10-channel sampler will run in parallel to the synth chain
  •  A simple loop-station-style audio looper that can get audio from line in or/and the OTTO engines